How to start trading at the first time?
1. Make a real account

*How to register with GOFX Click here
* How to open a real account Click here

2. MT4 password for trading

The first time which you have to opened you account. You will receive a password for trading in MT4 via your email.
* How to change the MT4 password Click here

3. Download application MT4

You can download MT4 application on IOS system, Android System and Desktop.
* You can download in this application please
Click here

4. Open Application MT4

Select setting > New account
* How to open a real account Click here

5.Login to registered account

 Select Setting > New Account > Log in to registered account

6. Add a complete bank account book

GOFX-REAL SERVER : For login to real account
GOFX-DEMO : For login to demo account

7. Login to trading account

Complete MT4 password which you received in you registered E-mail
(Account number , Trader’s password)

8. Login successful

After you login. The system will shown MT4 Number

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