How to withdraw USDT
1. Login

To enter your membership page
* See how to subscribe to GOFX Click here

2. Transfer money / withdraw money

Select Menu > Transactions > Transfer/withdrawal
*How to verify the identity (E-KYC). Click here

3. Withdraw money

Select deposit by USDT Cryptocurrency.
You need to verify your identity successfully

4. Selecte your account and amount for withdrawal
Choose your account which you would like to withdraw
and than specify USDT address.Complete your amount that you would like to deposit
5. USDT Withdrawal Comfirmation

Recheck your USDT withdrawal information.

6. Confirm your six digital OTP number

Complete your six digital OTP number that you received from registered E-mail for confirm your withdrawal transaction to your account. The system will be approve your transaction in 24 hours.

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